Poem: Can’t Wait by The Corridor Kid

A poem for you, from The Corridor Kid.

I’ll never give up on what I talk about,

Something so deep it makes me wanna scream out,

The way you giggle makes my heart wanna bleed out,

That booty jiggle is all I ever dream ’bout,

Think about…so look out, see me, I’m around and looking to take you out,

And maybe wipe that body down as I heard you’ve had a breakup,

That brother probably had that heart choked up, screwed you and never showed love.

I guess he only saw trash, but you should know I only see treasure,

I guess he only saw pain, but you should know I only feel pleasure.

I see you, but you never see me, maybe it’s because of your grief,

As if you’re a good politician who has gone in too deep,

So deep that even your mirrored reflection seems meek.

Why do you torture yourself again and again? I think you love pain,

All this yes, no, maybe and what-if’s are like uncompleted motifs,

Seemingly astonishing, but hideously unfinished.

Let me taste you, let me taste you, if you drip, I wont waste you,

If you’re a freak, then I’ll play too and if you want a teacher, I’ll train you,

If you’re a beast in the sheets then let me tame you, or get slayed by you,

I don’t really care, it’s all good. Your aura? Inescapable,

Your soul? Irreplaceable. And your smile? Irresistible.

See, you’re totally able and I know it’s terrible the way I crave it all,

But I need it, I want it, I gotta have it, I will have it…can I have it?

Apologies, like Ares my heart is on fire, like Zeus you shock me and take me higher,

Like Aphrodite your curves fit well with my evening attire,

I mean how can you deny it and say we don’t look good together?

Madness, sadness, that’s like wearing shoes that don’t fit,

I say we look beautiful when we’re out of bed, but even better when we’re in it.

The Corridor Kid

Hope you enjoyed this poem. Elliot McKenzie, aka The Corridor Kid, is a young poet from London, UK. He muses on topics that have affected his life growing up, and focuses on the relationships that have shaped his mind and beliefs. Connect with him on Facebook to get more from his poetry.

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