Dan Lukes: another Croydon Prodigy?

Dan Lukes’ debut single, ‘God In You’

We here at Krazed Mag value genuine local talent as we discover it. We regularly attend indie band gigs and open mic nights around London, searching for new talent to promote and, potentially, bring into the Latent’s Records fold if they prove to be a good fit. With this in mind, we are happy to present Dan Lukes, a folk/hippy singer-songwriter, from Croydon in South-East London. In his own words, he “lovingly crafts heartfelt tunes from his Croydon treehouse” and we were lucky enough to catch four of those tunes at his slot in the Matthew’s Yard open mic night (every Tuesday from 8pm).

Dan Lukes

Dan Lukes, the new singer-songwriter talent from Croydon, SE London.

One of those songs was the touching, emotional piece we are sharing with you today, entitled ‘God In You‘. I was blown away when I saw him perform this particular song; his stage presence lent itself perfectly to the romantic, spiritual ethos of the song, resulting in a performance that juxtaposed visceral abandon with restrained, soft touches. Even the crudeness of an open mic setup couldn’t detract from the emotion he imparted to the room, and I was not alone in feeling I had just witnessed something special when he finished playing.

So it was with great excitement that I discovered this young man had released a studio version of ‘God In You‘ as his debut single. I quickly launched his Soundcloud profile and hit ‘play‘, but was not quite as blown away by this version as I had hoped. Perhaps my excitement at the live version had raised my hopes too high, but I didn’t feel the same rawness of emotion in what sounds like a composition lacking the finesse that a skilled producer could bring. This leads me to think of the existence of a barrier to wider exposure for some hugely talented artists, which is their inability to access the studio tools and personnel needed to bring the best out of their recordings.

In my opinion, Dan Lukes is a hugely talented singer-songwriter, and ‘God In You‘ is a beautifully written song which I was completely sold on for the live performance. The studio release, for me, doesn’t quite do justice to the brilliance of the song, but still goes some way in showcasing the enormous potential of this artist. He ticks every box in the performance category, where his ability seems to be most refined. It may be that he needs to find the right support source to propel his studio recodings to the same sort of level.

But you can judge for yourself. I would expect to see him frequent the Matthew’s Yard open mic nights, so if you are a South London local, and at a loose end on a Tuesday evening, you could do worse than wandering into Croydon for an evening of live acts. And perhaps your opinion on the studio release differs from mine; I’d love to hear some comments from other listeners who want to put me in my place!

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more releases frompromising indie acts. And if you want to hear more from Dan Lukes, just visit his Soundcloud page and enjoy…

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