Kevin Hammond gets In Your Mind

Kevin Hammond – ‘In Your Mind’

Kevin Hammond is a singer-songwriter out of Columbia, Pennysilvania…for now, at least. Travelling the United States as a fully committed performer in a converted van as his residence, Kevin and his wife continue writing, recording and performing songs in pursuit of the dream of ‘making it’ in the music industry. And, based on the great ambient electro-pop song ‘In Your Mind‘, this is a musician with the potential to really win over an audience.

The ambient synths that underline the entire song are hypnotic as they hum you through the composition. Intermittent lead synths, bass and percussive elements weave in and out of the soundscape that accompanies the infectious vocal sounds Kevin Hammond provides. His voice alternates between a lonesome presence and a harmonic cacophony that overloads the senses as it erupts; at several points in the song, his vocals become heavily autotuned, adding a further electronic dimension to the overall sound. The result of these experimental audio combinations is a beautiful soundscape of a song that is extremely refreshing and quite enchanting.

Kevin Hammond himself has a rich musical background, and it has only been fairly recently that Kevin Hammond Bandcamp, In Your Mind Bandcampthe ambient electro-pop sound has become his trademark. He grew up in a musical family, surrounded by instruments and positive influences that nurtured his obvious talent. How many indie musicians out there can identify with the idea of using their dad’s 8-track analogue tape recorder to put together songs? Kevin says he perfected his vocal style this way, training his voice by recording on the reel-to-reel then listening back and re-recording until he achieved the perfect vocal.

This is a musician who takes a meticulous approach to perfecting every second of his songs. ‘In Your Mind‘, as a concept, is abstract enough that one might struggle to interpret any kind of meaning by simply listening to the lyrics. But when they are put to this sublime instrumental, the song seems meaningful and transcendent; it is a perfect example of matching instrumental and vocals together. The result is a sublimely relaxing and hypnotic masterpiece that I found totally seductive; perhaps my limited experience in this genre of music leaves me too easily seduced, but right now I can’t get enough of Kevin Hammond’s sound.

Find out for yourself – the Soundcloud posting is available at the top of this post, so you can form your own opinion about ‘In Your Mind‘. For me, it’s a delightfully trance-inducing soundscape that really does get into your mind. For you, it may seem monotonous or repetetive. Have a listen and let me know your thoughts through my Twitter page. Or, let Kevin himself know what you think of his work!

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