Lady Society by Will-Powerz

Lady Society

If only you could see how deranged I can be
If only I explain what remains within me
Talking dreams of relief to extremes of belief
Plotting schemes underneath what I speak and you see.
See this here is my fantasy, and my woman is society
Gyrating slowly as she dances for me privately
I am free to strip her to the flesh our lies are hiding
She’s a state of mind blinded by zeitgeist and irony.
Dimethyltriptomine; spectral effervescent
Psychedelic light nebulized clouds the skies we fly between
Time freezes, dry ice screens the weaved realities
And seemless fallacies a human seeks.

Her eyes shine brighter than life’s prizes that justify violence
And silently cry more than I could ever hope to buy.
But hope to buy’s precisely what her misty eyes remind me of;
Man’s design to balance sacrifice with open pride.
Unable to decline but unwilling to resign I bind her eyes behind a blindfold
Lady Society is intrigued; why hide what I’ve seen
But try to abide enticement twice? Now the scenery’s
Enclosed, she’s unclothed, sliding closer
Pheromones intoxicate and strike in her aroma
She knows I’ve been exposed to the glow of possibility
Now to show me I can only get it through servility
Her lips whisper to me with language and imagery
Seductively she tells me what my desire should be
It seems she has the audacity to preach to me about freedom
Paradoxically, toxically, leads me to believe
I’m needed, I’m heeded, I’m unique and unexceeded
If I leave my individuality she’ll always carry me…

She’s all that I can see in the swirling haze around me
There may be something further with the beauty to astound me
Her covered eyes have bound me to the bounty
And the whispers of her lips, impossible to resist like Will O’ The Wisp
Mystified I mask her face, deepening the masquerade
Keeping her advance at bay, giving me a chance to say
I’m looking for a different way, the pain that I convey
Makes her hesitate, like a killer with its first prey
Persevering with the fray I make my play and stray away
From Lady Society to chance it in the grey
To blaze a trail as a castaway, at last display
A vast array of martial arts, I paid to study Descartes
But they can’t persuade me that she won’t betray me
She’ll keep on dictating, her charms will decay me
But as the day recedes, motivation seems to cease to breathe
I’m alone amid the trees and on the breeze I catch the scent:

Lady Society
Maybe I’m uneasy but she still inspires my
And once again she’s all that I can see, now
I feel Her, I need Her, in fear I’m beneath Her
I tried to be free in society; o be or not to be
I can’t believe it isn’t possible, it’s got to be
She’s got to me, I know it, I’m reeling, I’m feeling ecstasy
Inexorably swept to be everything she expects of me
She’s a multiplicity; a plethora
Whether I seek freedom or never believe in leaving
I’ll forever be weaved among the skin
Someone intravenously feeding me edicts like a king.
Nothing eternal I’m just an epidermal cell
Interminably preserving a certain version of the shell
A burden I repel…to be or not to be
The options I’ve adopted make living a lottery
Instead I’m taking option three: let a disease spread in our melanin
Carcinogenic, ahead of any relevant medicine:
If I’m going down then I’ll take the Lady with me
Misery, hate and rage are the gifts the Lady gives me
Call it a murder/suicide, anything you like
I survive sometimes by dreaming of the day that I die
Dreaming of the day that I die
Dreaming of the day that I die…


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