Memories by Will-Powerz and Latent

Memories | Will-Powerz featuring Lovutta

I used to watch you sleeping, but now my heart’s just bleeding.
And the memories…I can’t take it.
You know the worst thing is the memory…
That image you left me…
I was walking down the hallway, to the front door.
You turned for one last glance…that would last me a lifetime.

A portrait of my mind. More ways to hide, mistakes I rewind.
Your face inscribed, a wasted life, I try to find a way to ride the waves inside, but…
Why can’t I forget your eyes? The final time I saw them shine.
Maybe it’s a sign of my life’s design. ‘Cos I’m still yours but you’ll never be mine.

And my friends all say that all good things…
And there’s plenty more fish, but I don’t believe it.
So now I count the days…
How long before I fade away…gone…?

But now it’s ten years on, still thinking about you so I’m writing this song
It’s all wrong. Wish I could forget about you,
But dreams aren’t something I accept without you.
I’m a wreck without you, never slept without you.
I still can’t take that I’m left without you.
But now I doubt you ever have a second of regret to plow through.
My heart goes out to people who have lost what they can’t afford to lose.
I understand the cost, but it’s granted me a use.
A curse or a blessing, I’m guessing’s for me to choose,
When forgetting would threaten my heart’s muse…

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