Resurrection by Gareth Lee | Krazed Writers


Resurrect this termination
Through a birthing co-corporation,
The magnitude of this devastation
Held my heart in castration.
Refuged by this taxation,
Hope this painful moment will pass
With the blink of an eye’s hydration;
One day we will learn its translation.

I was bound by blood
And I’m covered in mud,
Hoping the wicker box was a dud.
I strongly think to retire,
Gotta keep moving like a tyre.
I’m trying to ignite my fire,
Before I’m encased by its wire.

It takes a mind to find a trigger
And leave us in mortis to rigour.
One day we all got to fall;
Use resurrection and crawl to vigour.
Enlightening my mentality,
Find a new sense of clarity.
Recycling all my demons,
Sending them in bin bags to charity.

– Gareth Lee

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