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Only The Good

[Gareth Paul – Chorus]
I know it comes for everyone.
You can’t hide and you can’t run.
If our mistakes can’t be undone,
Only the good die young

Altogether memories are hard to tell apart;
It’s rare to find a memory that lingers in your heart,
Other than memories that represent a new start,
Or chances you took for granted that end up being your last.
My chance passed with others, we never knew
Just a normal day in school would be our final time to speak to you.
We never knew that the day the ambulance took you away
We lost the chance to say that we loved you. Because we did.
Seventeen, we were just kids;
You were the brightest among us, every moment you lived
You did nothing but give, and you were equipped with
A gift for living happily unrestricted.
But in one moment you were stripped of it,
No-one could predict it, it was so quick,
It’s difficult to depict, like a switch was flicked,
And there was nothing we could do to fix it…nothing.


The last time that I saw you, I was in the street.
You were on a stretcher looking like you were asleep,
With a respirator helping you to breathe, I was scared but never believed
That life would only offer you two more weeks.
I remember the phone call, struggling to speak
When I first heard they turned off the life support machine,
I was like “What does that mean?” My friend in his grief
Didn’t want to have to say the words differently.
See, words, in the end they aren’t enough.
Every one of us woke up on the first day
Knowing you were gone. The world carried on
But for us time froze in the moment you were taken from.
The moment you were holding on;
The moment we were praying you could still recover from;
The moment to this day we still dream we could change;
The moment that in memory we constantly prolong.


We were only kids, you were in a box,
Carefully they carried you and placed you at the top
Of a shrine of flowers and photographs with a cloth
Embroidered with words quoting a solemn prayer to God.
I almost felt ashamed of my own heartbreak;
Your mother cried more than her body could take.
For her sake your dad chose to speak. Stood beside you
And told us the story of your last two weeks.
He recalled that you opened your eyes,
And even though you only had movement in one side
You comforted your mother as she cried, reached out to hold her,
Every second you breathed you’d carry on the fight.
Til only a machine was keeping you alive.
You silently drifted away in the night,
In our dreams and memories we sustain your life;
You changed our lives…


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