Murmur – A Jewellery Collection by Sculptor Emmeline Hastings |Krazed Artists

With a background in sculpture, award-winning  artist Emmeline Hastings demonstrates a unique approach to jewellery. Graduating in 2009 she has contributed to major UK and international exhibitions to great acclaim. Her work is part of many personal collections as well as that of the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge.

Emmeline combines unexpected and contrasting materials. She uses her personally developed techniques of hand carving perspex acrylic and embedding it with metallic elements to create striking, beautiful and contemporary wearable sculpture.

Emmeline Hastings, as an artist and sculptor at heart, takes a unique approach to her jewellery. Each carefully-crafted piece possesses an almost fantastical quality, resembling something forged of crystal and precious metals in the workshop of some mystical, shamanistic craftsman. At least, that’s what I get out of viewing her work. This particular collection focuses on the use of various perspex acrylic bases to conjure that crystalline effect, exquisitely decorated with gold and silver that resembles dragon scales in the way it spreads across the stone. It is as if Emmeline has dug up remains of an ancient civilization that placed its trust in runes, talismans and magical gemstones; such is the skill with which her work is conducted.

Emmeline Hastings sells her work through her own business – you can purchase jewellery or make enquiries about bespoke works through her website. The website also lists stores nationwide that stock her jewellery if you would like to visit and see what’s on offer. Alternatively, you can visit one of the many exhibitions and events listed that will have her work on display. She is an artist of notable accomplishment, having won awards and placements in prestigious exhibitions since she committed to making a living through her art. If you like what you see here, visit her website and browse some more; you will find something special, I guarantee it!

If you want to connect with Emmeline online, check out her Facebook and Instagram pages.

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